Quality Our quality policy is focused on excellence. In A2M GROUP we are in a constant process of obtaining quality certificates that endorse our commitment and our good practices in all processes. We are currently working with partners in the group who do have this certification. Our most important partner is TRUCK AND TRACING SERVICES MANAGEMENT, S. L.

Certified partners

In addition to these two certificates, A2M Group is also in the process of obtaining these three more:

IFS  Broker


ISO 9001

Future Certification

ISO 14001

Future Certification

Our values

There is a real commitment to the environment, and as a result of this commiment A2M is carrying out tests with Gas (LNG) trucks, in order to reduce polluting emissions.


  • Elimination of paper and using the latest generation of electronic media.


  •  Renewal of our vehicles every 3-4 years.


  • All our vehicles meet the latest approved standards such as Euro 6.


  •  Constant training of our workers in efficiency both in driving and in good practices in  accordance with the environment.


  • We have also recently started to use multimodal means such as road-rail in order to further reduce polluting emissions and guarantee a fast, ecological and  responsible service.

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